Thursday, October 9, 2014

July 2014 - Largest Private Aquaponics - Part II - The Inside

And now for the insides of this mega AP system:

You got to have an "I love me" pose. Here in the north bay are 20 4x8 media beds (without the plant media), plumbing still in progress.

The media beds filled with pumas, water is running and the system is being "cycled". 

The south bay has four raft beds (each 80' long) under construction. Notice the big evaporator system on the back wall. Probably should have started with that wall first to have had cool air sooner, but...

I'm looking for a leak, yes you can just image how long that took to find the bugger, and it wasn't anywhere near where I was looking.

Looks a lot better partially filled with plants.  Now on to the seedling room...

 These seedlings will be planted in the media beds and populate the rafts.  

And finally, the fish house. Look for more in Part III - The Fish Are Swimming.

Glimmering in the sun, just waiting for lots of growing year round.

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