Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sep 2014 - Lesson 10,001 Dead Fish

15, that is the number of dead goldfish I found in the back on my system.  I lose one or two a day sometimes in this Texas heat but 15! What the "#$%^" is going on.  So lesson learned (another almost daily lesson), when you cover your tank with plastic to keep the evaporation down and the newly added fish from jumping out (see "Kama Kazi Fish" article), make sure you don't have any holes in the plastic. It rained which weighed down plastic causing it to dip into the tank, thereby making holes a new adventure for inquisitive little fishes to go looking for food and to get stuck in.

Tonight I kept finding one, then two, and then three would float to the front...but I kept smelling this very strong fishy smell...and sure enough after closer examination, I see a small pile of dead fish stuck up on top of the plastic, an inch away from their freedom (cue dramatic music).

So, my CHOP system apparently isn't as constant in height as I thought. Anyway, that problem is now  solved by removing the plastic entirely.  As for jumping fish, well, I'll just throw them back in when I see em flopping about on the ground. And as for evaporation, it's turning a bit chilly (for Texas standards) so that may be a non issue for this season.  I'll probably put blue board over the tank if it gets hot again in if only I can get this fish smell off my hands...


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