Sunday, October 5, 2014

April 2014 - Plants, Fish, Water, and All Things New in the World of Aquaponics

Here is a brief journey through my first seasons of growing in Aquaponics. I am very grateful to Adam Cohen (Green Phoenix Farm) whom provided me with my first starters of several different varieties of lettuce and yellow pear tomatoes.

April 7th planting - 

And more April planting.

You may notice what appears to be a coke bottle as the
would be correct.  I'll explain in more detail under "Tricks, Tips,
and Headaches".

Here's another view of the red and green varieties of lettuce, and
8 tomato plants in the back row. I would later regret having so many
in just one bed.  They later grew to about 10' tall...

Early May - Very pretty colors...plants look very healthy.

Late May - Lettuce is ready for harvest! For those keeping track
that was about 35 days from planting 2" starters till harvest!  
Is that crazy or what?
Look how delicious this lettuce looks.

   My First Salad picked at the end of May 2014!

   Happy Growing!

- T.C.

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